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Updated 9/24/2012

Welcome to, which is owned and operated by Star Tribune Media Company LLC (referred to in this notice as “,” “we,” “our” or “us”). Our primary privacy policy generally describes how we use Personal Information you submit on or through this site. This Privacy Notice provides more specific information.

Participation on is handled through Facebook. If you wish to comment on content you must login to the site using your Facebook account. If you wish to vote on a list or use any OpenGraph features, you must authorize our app to interact with your Facebook account. When authorizing the app for the first time, we will request permission to access your basic profile information from Facebook. By granting permission, you consent to the use of your Personal Information provided by Facebook. Our use is described in our primary privacy policy. We also use your information to authenticate voting.

The app will also request permission to post to Facebook on your behalf. You may decline this access and still participate in all features of the site. You may also selectively determine whether comments will be posted to your Facebook account by checking or unchecking the “Post to Facebook” box that appears in every comment dialogue box.

Your Facebook settings follow you on to For example, your Facebook settings determine what activity is visible in Facebook and who can see it. If you wish to modify your privacy settings, or update the Personal Information that Facebook has shared with us, you should do so through your Facebook account. Those changes will be reflected on For example, if you change your profile picture, that change will automatically be updated on

Regardless of your Facebook settings, any information you post on the site will be visible to other visitors. That information, along with your user name and profile photo, becomes public and may be used by Your public activities may also be read and collected by other users of the site. We are not responsible for the personally identifiable information you choose to share on

In order to display Facebook modules on our pages, Facebook servers may identify which pages of our site you visit. Facebook's use and collection of that information is subject to their Privacy Policy.

You may disconnect your Facebook account from at any time by selecting the “log out” button that appears near your name on every page of the site. You may also permanently disable the app by removing it from your Facebook account. To do so, go to your “Account Settings” in Facebook, locate in the list of authorized apps, and select the “remove” option. Comments you have made will remain on the site until you manually delete them by selecting the “remove” option that appears on each comment.

When you disconnect or disable the app, Facebook will stop sharing information from your Facebook account. However, within the limits of applicable law and Facebook’s terms of use, user information we have already received may still be retained and used by us. If you wish, you may re-authorize the app in the future.


If you have any questions about this Site or this Privacy Notice, please contact us using the following information:
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Phone: 612–673–4343 or 1–800–775–4344

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