A grayer Greater Minnesota

Updated 2/23/2016

The Star Tribune’s recent series “Better Together: Minnesota’s Growing Divide” highlighted the important ways that metro- area and Greater Minnesotans have grown apart in recent decades, in income, educational attainment, race, culture — and age.

The last U.S. Census in which Greater Minnesota’s population was larger than that of the seven-county metro area was in 1980. Since then, the rate of growth in the Twin Cities has outstripped that of the rest of the state; since 2010, total growth outside the metro area has come to a near halt. About 55 percent of Minnesotans live in the seven-county metro area today.

But while population growth has stalled outstate, aging has not. Greater Minnesotans are markedly grayer than metro Minnesotans (see graphic). In 36 of the state’s 87 counties, more than one resident in five is a senior citizen, 65 or older. In 57 counties, the median age is past 40, compared with a Twin Cities median age of 36.6. Some Greater Minnesota counties are home to more people in their 70s than in their 40s.

Read the full three-part series at http://tinyurl.com/zqhqza2.

Increase in 65-plus population 2015-2045

264.3% Scott County

222.6% Carver County

160.7% Dakota County

159.8% Anoka County

142.3% Washington County

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