All-Stars of the Twin Cities

Hometown All-Stars pick their “teams” of nine in food, drink, music, fashion, media and the arts.

Updated 7/10/2014

With baseball’s 2014 All-Star Game hitting Target Field, it’s an action-packed, star-studded week in Minneapolis. (Nelly playing softball! Bye-bye, Derek Jeter! Imagine Dragons?!) And for one day only, elite ballplayers from the American and National Leagues, who spend the rest of the year in competition with each other, will come together as teammates.

That gave us an idea here at the We identified 25 people in the Twin Cities who are true All-Stars in what they do — restaurateurs, rockers, bartenders, media and arts denizens. We asked them to be All-Star “managers” and pick their own teams of nine in their own fields (or areas of expertise). It’s a metaphor!

So local restaurant magnate Kim Bartmann is our All-Star of Minneapolis restaurants. Atmosphere rapper Slug (playing the All-Star Concert on Saturday at TFC Bank Stadium) is our All-Star of local hip-hop. Summit Brewing trailblazer Mark Stutrud picked not nine but 12 (is that allowed?) of his favorite Minnesota beers. And everyone’s favorite omnipresent eccentric, Scott Seekins, waxed eloquently on his nine All-Star Minnesota icons.

Would our local All-Stars be game to plug nine of their own competitors? We weren’t sure — but we were pleasantly surprised that almost everyone we asked enthusiastically complied. Which says a lot about the level of teamwork in these towns. Check out what these All-Stars had to say about the best stuff going on in the Twin Cities.



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Summit brewer Mark Stutrud’s 12 favorite Minnesota beers

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Mark Mallman’s 9 favorite live-music venues

First Ave booker Sonia Grover’s 9 favorite local bands playing this summer

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Emma Berg’s 9 favorite Twin Cities fashion designers

Style guru Sara Rogers9 favorite Mall of America stores

Cliche’s Delayna Sundberg’s 9 favorite local independent businesses


Scott Seekins9 favorite Minnesota icons

Fancy Ray McCloney’s 9 favorite Minnesota celebrities

Alexis McKinnis
top 9 local celebrity crushes


The Tangential’s 9 favorite Twin Cities blogs

Kyle Matteson’s (@solace) 9 favorite Twitterers

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Curator Tricia Khutoretsky’s 9 favorite art venues

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