The Mash: Moroccan tea with a kick

A green tea made with mint and sugar? OK!

Updated 4/30/2015

You might not think it from all the esoteric, inside-jokey cocktail titles bearing little descriptive value, but many bartenders hate naming their drinks. Count Saffron’s Nikola Govich among them.

So, it was a welcome assist when one of the Wadi brothers behind the Middle East-meets-Mediterranean restaurant pointed out that one of their bar captain’s latest creations resembled Moroccan tea — a green tea made with mint and sugar.

On his spring menu (arriving any day now), Govich’s aptly named Moroccan Tea employs a mint-tea combo fit for fairer weather. Tea syrup aces its supporting role, cutting the lime juice bite and blending well with the gin base. Genepy, a French liqueur Govich describes as a less abrasive Chartreuse, gives an herbaceous thrust without overtaking the sharpness of the gin’s botanics, while a healthy garnish of Angostura bitters and fresh mint is the aromatic icing on the teacake.

With that arduous naming process out of the way, all you have to do is drink one.

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